UCSF provides on-demand shuttle service -- the Mission Bay Jitney -- weekdays from 8:00 am—5:00 pm to transport riders within a ½ mile of the Mission Bay campus.
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How can I make a request for a ride?
Request a ride through the web at ucsf.ridecell.com, through the UCSF Campus Life Services smartphone application on your iPhone or Android, or by requesting through the Kiosks at select UCSF Mission Bay building lobbies.
How do I know if I’ve been assigned to a driver?
You will be notified immediately once you’ve been assigned to a driver. If submitted through the automated phone system, don’t hang up the phone! You can also check out the web or app interface, which will show you real-time updates about your request status.
How long does it take for my driver to pick me up?
It depends on how busy the system is at any given time. The web and app interface will show you an estimated time of arrival, based on your driver’s real-time GPS and current trip load.
Can I track my driver?
You can track your driver with real-time GPS updates online and within the smartphone app.
What is the quickest mode of request to get picked up?
Making a request online, through the smartphone app, or via the automated phone system will instantly add you to the queue of requests. This means that your info is transmitted, and you’ll be assigned a driver right away.
Can I make a request for someone else to get picked up?
The service is reserved for your personal use. It is important to protect your own user profile by making requests only for yourself.
How do I contact my driver?
You can input a comment when placing your ride request, or contact dispatch if you have important information to relay to your driver. For your driver’s safety, there is no way for you to call them directly – be mindful of this.
How will I know when my driver arrives if I don’t have a smartphone?
You can set up SMS or phone call notifications in your user profile online or in the smartphone app. Once these preferences are set, you do not need a smartphone to receive basic calls or SMSs; You will get notified so long as the number we have on file is correct.
What if I need to cancel my ride request?
To be fair to others, it is important to cancel the request if you no longer need a ride. You can instantly cancel online or within the smartphone app, or by calling the dispatch line.
Does canceling my request and then making another one put me at the bottom of the request queue?
Yes. Every time you cancel and resubmit a request, the process starts all over again. Your request will be put at the end of the queue and then be assigned to the next available driver.
How do I give RideCell my feedback?
Be sure to share with RideCell what you love or what improvements you’d like to see in the technology by leaving us feedback after a Trip or from the Feedback section of your Profile.
Is the driver’s location always accurate when I look at the map?
Some GPS inaccuracies occur from buildings being close together or limited network areas. Try force-quitting your RideCell app or refreshing the page to get a better connection.
How does the service work?
The Mission Bay Jitney offers on-demand shuttle service weekdays from 8:00 am—5:00 pm to transport riders within a ½ mile of the Mission Bay campus. To request a ride, click here or call 415.915.4283.
How do I give UCSF Transportation Services my Feedback?
Please call 415-476-GOGO or email Transportation@ucsf.edu.
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